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Vasco, Lorraine and the rest of our team always put clients first. We build solid client relationships through mutual respect and genuine communication. If you plan to sell, lease or buy real estate; we’ll find the best solutions for your unique situation. Read more about us below.

Vasco Horta

Vasco Horta

Director / Licensee


Lorraine Dove

Director / Sales Consultant

Vasco Horta

Director / Licensee

An award-winning agent and Mount Pleasant local, Vasco’s passion for real estate was ignited when he purchased his first property in Bicton at the age of 20.

Amassing over three decades of sales and marketing experience, including twelve years as a small business owner, Vasco transitioned to real estate in 2006. His own experience in home renovations, property investment and development, and building a custom-designed home gave him a substantial grounding in his new career.

As a Licensed Auctioneer and Licensee, Vasco is skilled in residential and commercial property sales. Vasco has been the Sales Manager of a large independent agency and has owned and operated two agencies, including Zest Realty.

Together with Lorraine, Vasco created Zest Realty as an independent agency with connections to industry-leading systems and processes, enabling them to work effectively and efficiently. Providing clients with a world-class experience at a very local and personal level is Nest’s mission.

Not one to sit still, Vasco enjoys keeping fit. He’s an avid cyclist, often riding over 50km at a time. He’s also a keen ‘hobby’ photographer, discovering a creative flair for it at twelve years of age.

For a real estate experience with your best interests at heart, contact Vasco on 0417 947 324.

Lorraine Dove

Director / Sales Consultant

A mother of four adult children, and a new grandmother, Lorraine Dove believes that ‘home is where the heart is’. Family orientated and passionate about helping clients achieve their property goals, her surname inspired the business name ‘Zest Realty’.

“The word ‘nest’ is symbolic of the various life stages people go through, specifically in relation to their property journeys. Whether it’s ‘feathering your nest’, ‘building a nest’ or ‘flying the nest’, the term suggests security and comfort.” Lorraine explains.

Lorraine moved to Australia from England in 2007, having enjoyed previous careers in early-years teaching and as a croupier. A flair for interior design ignited Lorraine’s interest in Real Estate. She quickly excelled as a sales representative and progressed into business ownership in 2014, when she qualified as a Licensed Agent and became a franchisee of an international real estate brand.

Today, having experienced the peaks and troughs of Perth’s property market for over a decade, Lorraine remains passionate and committed to assisting buyers, sellers and landlords in their property journeys.

Partnering with Vasco Horta at Zest Realty since 2021, she looks forward to growing the business whilst maintaining the cosy feel and personal service she has always prided herself on.

For a professional, client-focused experience, contact Lorraine on 0466 322 633.

Veronica Ong

Sales Consultant

Veronica was born and raised in Malaysia, obtained her degree in Project and Facilities Management from the National University of Singapore. In 2016, she embarked on a new journey by relocating to Perth. Fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay and Hokkien, Veronica’s multilingual abilities not only allow her to establish quick connections with people of diverse backgrounds but also help her foster strong bonds.

Before entering into real estate, Veronica gained diverse experience delivering exceptional sales and customer service in the retail industry and managing commercial office buildings in both Australia and Singapore. Her open-hearted communication style, free from judgement, enables her to be a compassionate listener to her clients.

Thriving in fast-paced and demanding environments, Veronica continually seeks ways to work efficiently and achieve optimal outcomes. Her insatiable curiosity drivers her to constantly seek opportunities for self-improvement, and she readily shares the resources and knowledge she acquires along the way.

Equipped with the right tools and information, Veronica is dedicated to simplifying and streamlining the entire sale process, ensuring her clients have a seamless and hassle-free experience. When clients encounter doubts or uncertainties, they can rely on Veronica’s unwavering support. She consistently provides innovative ideas and practical suggestions to overcome any challenges that may arise. With Veronica by their side, clients can trust in her commitment to their success and satisfaction.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Veronica indulges in various hobbies and interests, she finds joy in K-pop dance and in Zumba. In addition, Veronica is skilled in Cricut craftwork, unleashing her creativity through personalized crafts. As a dog enthusiast, she embraces the companionship and unconditional love that her Kelpie brings into her life.

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