Deciding to sell your home can be an equally exciting and daunting prospect.
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How to Sell Your House in 2023

You are not alone if you want to sell your house in Australia. According to a CoreLogic estimate, well over 550,000 homes and units changed hands last year.

Selling your home is not as difficult as many people believe. However, it is a time-consuming task, especially if you are new to this. You will need a bit of professional guidance to ensure things go smoothly.

Once you have weighed the options available to you and decided selling your house is in your best interest, you will have several steps to complete. Whether you are experienced in house selling, or this is your first time, you should look over these helpful tips to ensure you are on the right track.

1. Understand the Property Market

The Australian housing market has been on a wild ride with some scary dips and surprising recoveries over the past several years. Despite the doomsday predictions in light of a dozen interest rate hikes, the housing market is resilient. Housing prices are rising slowly. This shows that more factors are driving the Australian property market than interest rates. These include:

  • Lower listing volumes
  • Inflation rates peaking
  • The return of international residents
  • On-going rental shortage

2. Pricing Your House

Getting the asking price correct is crucial in the world of house selling. Pricing that is too high can cause you to lose potential buyers. On the other hand, you are cheating yourself out of the money you should have when you sell for a price that is too low. You can ensure your price is fair by doing the following,

Get a Property Report

The report will give you an objective look at your property. Your fondness for the house you are planning to sell can make you believe you should put a higher price tag on the property. A simple property report can keep you from pricing yourself out of the market.

Check for Details Regarding Property Sales in Your Area

Sales prices of other homes in your area are easy to track down as that information is a matter of public record. You can go to local government agencies’ public records departments or check with various online listing sites to find out the selling price of homes near you. This provides a bar for comparison.

Consult a Real Estate Expert

One of the best ways to determine your asking price is to ask someone involved as part of their profession. Agents will have information to help you find a reasonable asking price.

When you’re selling a home, one of the most important things to be clear about is how much you think the property is worth.

3. Time to Sell

Before the for sale sign goes up in your yard, there are many details to consider. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the selling process, so take things one step at a time.

When to Put Your Home on the Market

Research tells us that spring is the most popular season to list your home. It stands to reason that after a dreary winter, people are ready to make changes and go out and about in better weather. The downside of this is you will have more competitors in the spring.

Winter and summer are not ideal times to list your property. Most people prefer to be cosy and dry to wander from place to place looking at properties. Summer is a busy time with holiday preparations, school vacations, and getaways. Additionally, many areas experience unyielding heat that many people prefer to avoid.

Autumn is an excellent time to list your property. The weather is moderate, and people focus on pressing tasks once the Christmas season has passed.

Make Your Property More Attractive

For decades, people selling their homes received similar advice to help sell them quickly. You will likely receive advice to improve how your home looks. This guidance has not changed much because it is still valid and helpful. While different strategies have been popular, a few are the same.

  • Decluttering – Potential buyers will have an easier time imagining the house’s potential if it is emptier. However, paring down your contents does not mean stuffing things in closets or stashing items in a spare room. Do you have a friend or relative who would let you store a few things? You can also consider renting a storage space until your house sells.
  • De-personalise – Along with decluttering, you should make an effort to pack away personal belongings. Things like family photos and mementos should be removed during this time. Also, if you have pets, consider having them visit with a friend or relative when you know potential buyers are coming. Doggy daycare is another option that some sellers use. A last resort could be taking Fido on a car ride or a romp through the park.
  • General Housekeeping – It should go without saying that your home should look its best during the selling process. Windows, floors, countertops, and fixtures should be spotless. This will require a diligent effort but will be worth it in the long run.
  • Remember Curb Appeal – First impressions count in many areas of life, including selling your home. Look over your property with a critical eye and make a list of things that need attention. Paint, gutters, concrete, and alfresco areas are just a few places you should check. Garden beds should be pretty but not overwhelming. Also, make sure to weed and trim the lawn regularly.
  • Advertising – People must know your home is on the market. Typically, if you are working with an agent, that will not be an issue. However, do not be shy about letting others know your house is on the market. If you are having times when your home is open for potential buyers, be sure to spread the word.

4. Work With a Zest Realty Agent

While you can legally sell your home on your own, remember it is time-consuming and requires effort and expertise. Listing, advertising, staging, inspections, and paperwork fall into your lap. Can you handle all loose ends on top of the other prep required to present your home at its best? After the home is sold, you will need all of the paperwork to line up so you comply with your area’s legal mandates. Many people who try selling on their find they are in over their heads and turn to a professional for help. You can save time, effort, and money by contacting a Nest Reality Agent first.

It is possible to sell your home quickly and for a fair price. Please take advantage of the advice we have provided for you and plan for the possibility of hitting a few snags. Also, remember that you can feel free to contact the experts at Zest Realty. We are happy to put our years of industry experience to work for you. If you need a hand finding your next place to live, our team is ready to help.

It is essential that you are completely prepared, and your property is ready to sell.

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